Start by Growing What You Love

After you have designated your growing space, plan your space so as to have the right amount of the fruits and veggies you like the most.  If you use lots of tomatoes, fresh and canned, enjoy selling them or giving them away, maybe 20 plants is the right amount.  If you only use one or two chopped in a salad, one plant should do you.  Potatoes can be found on sale for 10 lbs /$.99, so why grow them?  We grow the red ones because it makes us happy.  They’re fun to dig out like buried rubies all winter long from under the dirt, straw and snow.  We don’t sell them ever; we scurry them into the kitchen plastered with sticky mud, bathe them in the sink and admire their lustrous red color while they dry.   A corn plant hogs one or two sq. ft of bed space and takes 3-4 months to produce 1-2 ears in my cool mountain climate.  Corn from the valley can be bought for 4 ears/$.99 all July, but we celebrate eating our very own corn.  If you love green salads and want to be freed from buying those spendy mesclun salad mixes, grow your own salad greens.   Your  fresh-picked green salad is special.   Do you love melons?  There are tantalizing heirloom melon seed varieties available that you will never find fresh in stores or produce markets.  Save a hot, sunny spot for these. 

So make a list of the fruits and veggies you really like and go buy some seeds.


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