Gardening with Fruits and Vegetables / Dietitian Services

Expert fruit and vegetable growing in Shasta and Siskiyou Counties 

Linda Ost, MS, RD is a registered dietitian and super gardener

All pictures on this website are from my yard, no exceptions The big collection is available for public viewing at

Dietitian Services     $40/hr                                                                          I offer a personalized and confidential nutrition consultation in Shasta and Siskiyou Counties, California covering your

  • Current eating habits, activity level and body weight goals
  • Current disease(s) and potential risk from your family history
  • Nutritional relevance of latest lab results, blood sugar, blood pressure, and other pertinent data
  • Nutritional side-effects of your current medication and supplement regimen
  • Psychological food issues

All diet plans and recommendations are adapted to your personality and acceptable rate of change.

Garden Services     $30/hr                                                              Thorough, on-site edible garden plan in Shasta and Siskiyou Counties, California including

  • Thorough on-site gardening consultation
  • Soil amendment & composting for maximum productivity
  • Experienced advice on watering systems
  • Multi-season food garden design for sun and shade, classy aesthetic or cottage “kitsch”
  • Pest and disease control with minimalist green approach
  • Protection of your garden from animals
  • Full lawn and flowerbed design

The Life-Changing Combination……                                                                      Nutrition Gardening     6 hrs / $179

  • 6 hours of expert detailed nutrition and gardening consultation where you live with up to 6 months to use
  • Personalized, flexible diet plan incorporating the food you grow yourself
  • Thirty phone sessions (5-10 min. per call) for miscellaneous trouble-shooting
  • Referral to licensed physical therapist to fine-tune your gardening body mechanics to strengthen muscle groups and prevent injury
  • Training in safe canning, freezing, drying, selling the surplus
  • Affordable ongoing telephone assistance and trouble-shooting